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Biolla's Story

Biolla’s journey into motherhood has been magical but also marked by the unexpected challenge of postpartum hair loss, a common plight she quickly learned many new mothers faced. Biolla remembered staring at her once thick, lustrous hair now thinning rapidly, feeling a mix of disbelief and desperation. Determined to not let this define her postpartum experience, she turned to her background in chemistry and engineering to find a solution.


She started by researching, delving deep into herbal remedies that women around the world had used for centuries. Her breakthrough came when she learned about CHEBE powder, a blend of herbs used by women in Chad, known for promoting incredibly long and healthy hair.

Inspired by this, she began experimenting with CHEBE, infusing it with other natural oils and herbs. Her kitchen experiments soon turned into a ritual, where she infused CHEBE with several organic hair growth ingredients. After months of trial and error, she noticed not only a cessation in her hair loss but new, healthy strands sprouting up.

Word of her success spread quickly among her friends and family, many of whom requested samples of what they called "Biolla’s Magic." Encouragement poured in, and with the support of my family, She decided to take a leap of faith and founded "BiollaCosmetics," a natural hair care line dedicated to helping those experiencing hair loss.

She has since transformed her kitchen into a small laboratory, maintaining the homemade essence of her products by producing in small batches.  Insisting on freshness and quality by specially infusing CHEBE in each batch.

As BiollaCosmetics gains popularity, she has kept her mission close to her heart — helping people reclaim not just the health of their hair, but also their confidence.

Each bottle is a promise of gentleness and care, a testament to a mother’s resilience and the power of natural healing.